little friend, you are suddenly so serious you are going places you are doing things you are a strong pup

I just want to thank God for a moment at this time of the day…

YOU NEVER CEASE TO SURPRISE ME! You know I hate surprises but when they’re from You, I know that something great is coming for me.

I have always prayed for the right persons to come into my life ever since I was still a little girl… I thought I would never meet them. I am starting to meet them now, God. Thank you for creating these awesome people. Thank you for letting me meet them. I’m happy to be with such great human beings with talent, intellect and big hearts.

As the years go by like the colors of the leaves change season by season, You’ve shown me that prayers are truly answered. You have made me tougher and wiser so that when You give me my answered prayers, I can be able to take them all in. I’m grateful for everything and because of the things happened to me, I’m starting to not regret the things I’ve regretted in the past.

I will shine, too but I will be shining alongside other people; these people whom You’ve carefully selected to be my friends and also my family as well. And I promise — we will be like a nebula in the sky.

Because @astrayeah is my long lost sister and I love her sooooo much! :3

Thank you so much for this artwork! ( ; w ; ) *bear hug*

FYI — we haven’t met IRL but our friendship is waaaay beyond that. I’m so glad I have a friend like her. #friendship #kaibigangbarko #giftart #illustration

dress. stockings. ❤

"The Clearing"Watercolor and gold acrylic6x9”Ellen Wilberg, 2014